Introduction to HAM Bridge

Setup, iRule, and SmartThings

This video shows you how to get started with HAM Bridge, how to call it from AppleScript or a shell command, and integration with iRule and SmartThings.

HAM Bridge and Philips Hue

Setup and Use

Here you’ll see how to setup HAM Bridge for communication with the Philips Hue Bridge, and creating and editing Hue scene scripts.

TiVo and iTach

Controlling Your Audio/Video Gear

Most audio/video gear uses Infra-Red remote control protocols, but some newer components also provide a network interface. For IR, the Global Caché iTach series provides a network interface for sending IR commands. TiVo’s network control interface works almost identically as sending commands to an iTach. This tutorial shows you how.

HAM Bridge and Calendar

How to Schedule Commands

Any HAM Bridge command can be set up as an entry in your Calendar app. Manipulate them with drag and drop, set up recurring daily, weekly, monthly events. Here’s how...


iTunes, Indigo, and More

Most Mac settings and applications offer you a surprising amount of control from AppleScript. Here are some examples...

Coming Soon


Controlling a WiFi Thermostat

A number of WiFi thermostats have a local API for sending commands over the network… Venstar just happens to be our favorite. Most of these use a RESTful interface over HTTP protocols. This video will show you how it’s done.