Approach Stats

A simple utility for downloading and organizing scorecards from your Garmin Approach G5 and G6 Golf GPS.

ScoreCard Browser

The scorecard browser allows you to sort your rounds by date or course, and to quickly locate any scorecard. Individual scorecards can be removed from Scorecard and Statistics views without being deleted from the database, allowing them to be restored at any time.

Date Range Statistics Filters

Date range filters allow you to see your stats from all rounds, and for the last 24, 12, 6 , 3, and last months. You can also create your own filters for virtually any date range. Set up a range for the period you used your old clubs, and another for the new ones, and find out just how effective your new clubs really are.

USGA Handicap Calculation

Not a club member? That doesn't mean you can't have an accurately calculated handicap. Approach Stats allows you to enter tee, rating, and slope information for the courses you have played, and apply this info to a single round at a time, or all rounds for that player and course in a single step.

Manual Scorecard Entry

Forgot to bring your Garmin, but played a great round you want to keep track of. You can now enter a round from your keyboard for any course and player that have been previously imported into the database.

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