HAM Bridge

Control your Mac from just about anything.

HAM Bridge is a robust, small footprint server that lets you easily run AppleScripts, Automator workflows, shell and python scripts on your Mac by sending it a simple HTTP GET request from just about any device. From iOS and Android devices using remote control apps like iRule, Simple Control, and Tasker, to home automation hubs such as SmartThings and Vera… even a web browser.

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Talk to HAM Bridge from practically any device to run scripts to control your Mac, Philips Hue, TiVo, IR gear, and more.


AppleScript, Automator Workflows, Shell commands/scripts, even Python. It's your choice, embedded scripts or external files.


Runs well on any Mac running Tiger or above. It is fast, and consumes very little CPU and memory.


We are so sure that you will love HAM Bridge that we offer a 25 day money back guarantee.

Philips Hue

Control complex lighting scenes with different color, brightness, and transition time for each lamp. HAM Bridge can even record scenes from your current setup and invoke them with a single command.

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Global Caché iTach

HAM Bridge can send commands to all of your IR controlled gear via Global Caché iTachs. Complex scripts for home theater control with variable timing are easy. Both wired and wireless models are available.

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Using TiVo’s network interface and Python, you’ll have full control over every TiVo in your house. All commands are supported. Wake up to the 6AM news, or the 5PM news when you return home.

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Venstar Thermostats

Venstar’s WiFi thermostats have a local HTTP API. HAM Bridge can use a single line of script to set the mode, and both heating and cooling setpoints. Long term schedules are possible using Calendar.

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SmartThings’ SmartApps can be easily modified using the sendHubCommand to send commands to HAM Bridge. HAM Bridge can also send commands to endpointed Apps and Devices.

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Bidrectional communication is also possible with Indigo installations using AppleScript or HTTP. You can now control Indigo from your Android phone using Tasker or apps like iRule and mbhRemote.

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Fully control iTunes and your media library, including picking play liists and setting AirPlay devices. Wake up to your favorite tunes with integration to your smart home system.

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All HAM Bridge commands can be easily shceduled using Automator. Scheduled commands are shown in the Calendar app and can be manipulated like any other entry.

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